Depot Plan District - Zoning

View a PDF of the Depot Plan District Zone Map

As of March 3rd, 2023, the CDA now owns 9,511 acres with about 4,000 acres slated for flexible heavy industry/and light industry zoning.

Among the sites are in (Umatilla County) 276 acres that was the site of a $700 million demilitarization incinerator complex now decommissioned, dismantled, and environmentally certified to industrial standards, this site includes warehouse buildings, offices, and parking lots. This latter site has extensive utility and infrastructure investments desirable for the right industrial application, including substantial electric power and natural gas capacities, office space, and several larger structures suitable for warehouse or processing applications. 

The industrial sites are free of all-natural hazards. Located in a cool, arid desert climate, the topography is flat with non-expansive soils. There is no risk of flooding and there are no sensitive wetlands. Moreover, the industrial parcels at the base offer secure locations, free of conflicting land uses.