Documents & Historical Data

Reports, assessments, draft documents, activity reports and historical data have been cleared by the U.S. Army Operational Security Team for public viewing, as future reports and public notices become available the Columbia Development Authority will keep the public informed.

The publications and reviews listed below are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view PDF files, it is necessary to first download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems, Inc.


Programmatic Agreement & Amendments

Final Redevelopment Plan Documents

On January 29, 2010 members of the Umatilla Army Depot Reuse Authority met at the Port of Morrow in Boardman, OR to provide final comment and vote to adopt the UMCD Redevelopment Plan and HUD Application they have been working on since January of 2009. In a final unanimous vote, the group adopted the UMCD Redevelopment Plan and HUD Application. The final plan identifies the best land reuse strategy developed by the UMADRA.  As the files are large, they are separated into single files. Thanks for being patient as they download.

Dana Mission Umatilla Support Team Reports

The documents listed here under Dana Mission Support Team (DMST) reports are those assessments, draft plan documents, and public outreach activities reports the Team has completed and sent to the UMADRA-LRA that have been cleared for public viewing from the U.S. Army Operational Security Team.

Umatilla Chemical Depot Redevelopment Plan and Implementation Strategy Support Services Contract Draft Reuse Plan Documents

Those items identified as DRAFT are sections required by the BRAC to be included in the final Reuse Plan. The DMST encourages your comments or suggestions on these documents. Input will be gathered until the end of January. At such time, the DRAFT documents will be pulled and placed into a DRAFT Reuse Plan. The DRAFT Reuse Plan was made available for public comment in the Spring of 2010.

Deliverable Reports

The reports below are contract deliverables that may not be used in their entirety in the final reuse plan but are listed here for your reference.

Notice of Interest (NOI) Packets

Public Agencies:

Homeless Service Providers:

Property Information

OEA Research Data

  • OEA001 BRAC Outreach and Planning Process
  • OEA002 BRAC Base Closure and Reuse Actions
  • OEA003 Updated Public Benefit Matrix
  • OEA004 Illustrative list of Permissible PBCs
  • OEA005 Public Benefit Transfer Screening
  • OEA006 Post Application Acceptance Actions Check list
  • OEA007 Transition Base Reuse Planning

Historical Data

Miscellaneous Documents